Top Attacking Badminton Rackets of 2024 for Advanced Professionals

Badminton is a sport not just common in Asian countries but also well-liked by Americans. Whether it is family gatherings, gym classes, or clubs, badminton is quite popular as a fast-paced sport that focuses on quick reflexes, agility, and strength. Some studies prove badminton to be the second most popular sport, just behind soccer.

The badminton racket is one of the most critical aspects of the sport. Choosing the right racket can make all the difference in your game. For recreational players or beginners, an all-around racket is sufficient. However, for advanced professionals who have figured out their playing style, choosing a racket that complements their styles is essential. If you are an advanced player who enjoys smashes, having a high-quality attacking racket is necessary.

An Attacking Badminton Racket: What Does it Mean?

An attacking racket is a head-heavy badminton racket with more weight distribution at the top of the racket head. Racket manufacturers also call them power rackets because they deliver powerful shots such as smashes and clears.

Suppose you are an aggressive player who relies on more power than control. Then, attacking rackets will give you more swing momentum and make your shots menacing. They are also suitable for playing the rear court in a doubles game.

Attacking rackets are great for advanced badminton players who have developed the strength for head-heavy rackets. They can be physically demanding for a beginner. So, it is best to go for attacking rackets if you are a badminton professional with several hours of practice.

Best Attacking Rackets for Badminton Professionals!

1. Yonex Astrox 88D Pro 2024

Yonex Astrox 88D Pro 2024

Did you know many top-rated badminton players are expected to endorse the third-generation 2024 Yonex Astrox 88D Pro badminton racket? The company has improved the 2nd generation 88D Pro model and introduced new technologies like the 2G-Namd Flex Force in the shaft area for faster snapback. It also has an enhanced Rotational Generator System to ensure the racket does not slow you down and makes continuous attacks effortless.

Yonex has included a concentrated sweet spot and a POWER-ASSIST BUMPER to the racket frame for better power transfer to the shuttlecock. It also helps in reducing wind resistance, thus making your shots more powerful and quicker than ever.

2. Yonex Astrox 100 ZZ

Astrox 100 ZZ

Danish badminton champion Victor Axelsen is a player who likes to put his opponents in a corner with powerful smashes. He is among the most famous endorsers of the Yonex Astrox ZZ badminton racket. Many other players, such as Lakshya Sen, Chen Qing Chen, Takuro Hoki, and Aken Yamaguchi have preferred the AX100ZZ racket for its immediate access to power. With an improved Rotational Generator System, Hyper Slim Shaft, and extra stiff flex, the racket has the potential to ensure relentless attack, which makes it ideal for advanced badminton players who want power without compromising on speed.

Variants: Yonex Astrox 100ZZ (Kurenai) and Yonex Astrox 100ZZ (Dark Navy)

3. Yonex Astrox 99 Pro

Astrox 99 Pro

When men's singles world no. 1 Kento Momota prefers a badminton racket, everyone else takes notice! And that's how Yonex Astrox 99 Pro became one of the most preferred rackets among advanced badminton players. The head-heavy racket has one of the heaviest swing weights for powerful smashes and speedy recovery. The made-in-Japan racket has the Dual Optimum System for powerful forehands and lightning-swift backhands. So, if you want a powerful weapon in your hand, go for the AX99-P without any doubt.

Variants: Yonex Astrox 99 Pro (White Tiger) and Yonex Astrox 99 Pro (Cherry Sunburst)

4. Yonex Astrox 77 Pro

Astrox 77 Pro

The Badminton World Federation (BWF) recognised Korean athlete An Se Young as the most promising player of 2019 and she is an ardent fan of the AX77-P racket. Specially designed for tournament-level badminton players who want a lightweight racket with a head-heavy design, the racket promises to pack a punch! It delivers faster head speed and control with reduced air resistance for quick repulsion. Because of its versatility in ensuring power, speed, and control, the racket is a favorite of Huang Ya Qiong, Chen Yu Fei, and Huang Dong Ping.

Model: Yonex Astrox 77 Pro (High Orange)

5. Victor Thruster K Falcon Claw (Limited Edition)

Thruster K Falcon Claw - Limited Edition

Like its name, the Victor Thruster K Falcon badminton racket is a dominant weapon with precise shot placement and accuracy. A favorite of World No. 1 in Women's Singles, Tai Tzu Ying, the Victor Thruster K Falcon is a head-heavy racket with a transformation frame for optimized hitting and improved performance. In addition to power, the VICTOR TK-F C LTD A racket also delivers incredible anti-torsion performance and resilience. If you want to enjoy powerful shots with effortless ease, choose the Falcon!

Model: Victor Thruster K Falcon Claw - Tai Tzu Ying Limited Edition (White)

6. Victor Thruster Ryuga, Ryuga II, and Ryuga II Pro

Thruster Ryuga

Did you know Malaysian badminton champion Lee Zii Jia used the Victor Ryuga badminton racket to win the 2021 All England Men Singles game? Lee used the racket because of its ability to offer offensive shots and fast, repulsive action. Victor has used an innovative material technology called HME (High Modulus Extreme) for stiffness and more power. Do not worry about compromising speed and control because the brand has included WES (Whipping Enhance System) for sharp attacks and superior responsiveness. If you are an advanced player who loves offensive shots, the Thruster Ryuga can be the racket of your choice.

Note: Owing to the popularity of Victor Ryuga, the company launched a 2022 edition Ryuga II badminton racket with advanced WES 2.0 technology, Free Core handle, and anti-torsion enhancement.

2024 Update: After the success of Victor Thruster Ryuga II, the company launched a pro version in January 2024 for ultimate power and precision. In addition to the features of the existing Ryuga 2 racket, the latest Thruster Ryuga II Pro B racket has the Power Ring Pro technology to increase the swing weight, shaft stiffness, and responsiveness of the racket. It is endorsed by Taiwanese men's singles player Lee Chia Hao for the upcoming season.

Variants: Victor Thruster Ryuga, Thruster Ryuga II and Thruster Ryuga II Pro B

Make your Attacks Intimidating!

As an advanced badminton professional with an offensive playing style, you must choose a racket that enhances your game. So, only buy a racket after thorough research. Invest in an attacking racket that powers up your game and intimidates your opponents.

Get ready to play!

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