Buying the Best Badminton Stringing Machine: Prepare before you Purchase

The game of badminton is a fast-paced game. If you enjoy playing on the court a couple of days every week, you may have to restring your racket frequently. Even if you are a recreational player, it makes sense to ensure the stringing tension of your racket for an impressive performance.

Although you can search for the best restringing services, you may have to undergo the trouble of shipping your racket. Instead, buying a stringing machine of your own can be a convenient option, especially if you want to start a business of stringing rackets.

When you are in the market to buy a stringing machine, it can get overwhelming. But don't panic. Learn how to differentiate between different devices and make the best purchase in no time.

1. Type: Tabletop vs. Standing Racket Stringing Machines

You will find badminton stringing machines in different sizes. A few are portable that you can carry anywhere you want. Usually, portable stringing machines can fit on any table or an elevated surface, so manufacturers classify them as tabletop machines.

Larger stringing machines can stand on a pedestal, and you do not require any additional support to work them. Tabletop stringing machines are a lot cheaper than standing ones. However, you cannot adjust their height, and they will always rely on the surface you use for placing the machine. If the surface is unstable or at an uncomfortable height, it can cause you inconvenience.

2. Tensioner: Drop Weight vs. Crank vs. Electric Stringing Machine

Other than portable and standing stringing machines, you can classify them according to the pulling system used in the machine. A drop weight stringing machine will include a weighted bar to get the required string tension. You can easily adjust the string tension and check the mains and crosses for accuracy. Drop weight machines are less expensive, promise a constant pull, and do not require much maintenance. However, they make restringing a racket slow and cumbersome.

If you want to enjoy more speed, you can choose the manual crank (lockout) stringing machines. They help in locking the string tension into place with the help of a crank/lockout/lever. The spring-loaded mechanism of the lever pulls the string according to the required string tension and reduces the tension once you achieve the desired level. Do you want to provide a restringing service at an affordable price? In that case, you can choose the crank stringing machine. It has a lot better string tension than drop weight.

Electric machines, such as Yonex Precision 9.0 stringing machine, are popular among badminton professionals because of their accuracy, precision, and speed. You can choose an electronic stringing device with a constant pulling system or lockout system. Usually, electric machines come with a display to adjust string tension easily. When using softer strings, you can choose electric stringing machines with a pre-stretch option to slow down the initial tension loss.

3. Mounting System: 2-point vs. 4-point vs. 6-point

When buying any racket stringing machine, you must consider the mounting system to find out how the machine will hold the racket frame securely. Usually, the popular machines have a 2-point, 4-point, or 6-point mounting system. When you select a 2-point mounting system, the machine will hold the racket at the head and bottom of the racket frame. It leads to fewer blocked holes which means you can string a racket quickly. A 4-point or 6-point system will hold the racket frame from more sides, thus delivering more stability. A higher mounting system is ideal for a big racket.

How to choose the Best Badminton Stringing Machine?

Choosing between the different stringing machines will depend on several factors:

Size: A portable one will be ideal if you are looking for a smaller stringing machine that you can take to local venues or badminton tours. Badminton equipment stores or recreational clubs offering professional racket stringing services can invest in electric racquet stringing machines, such as Yonex PT8 Deluxe stringing machine.

Price: Depending on the size and features available, the price of stringing machines will vary greatly. For example, an average tabletop stringing machine with a drop-weight tensioner will cost around $500. And, if you go for a crank stringing machine, it will be around a couple of thousand dollars more.

On the other hand, an electric model costs more than $10,000. However, the price can vary depending upon the brand, model, features, and discounts. For example, the Yonex Precision 5.0 stringing machine costs under $7000 because of online promotions and discounts.

Need: How many times a week will you be using the machine? Will you string your rackets or provide the service to others as well? Do you have space for keeping the device? Do you want to place it indoors or outdoors? What about your budget?

You will find the best stringing machine for your bucks by learning about your requirements! Take time to understand your machine use to arrive at a decision.

All the Best!

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