Feather Shuttlecocks Vs. Nylon Shuttlecocks

Badminton is played indoors because of a tiny yet significant part of the game. The shuttlecock is a small piece that players hit alternatively during the course of the match. When it comes to professional badminton matches, players use feather shuttlecocks made with duck or goose feathers. But, it is not the only option for you. If you are starting to play badminton, you can choose between buying feather shuttlecocks and synthetic birdies.

Feather Shuttlecocks or Nylon Ones – Your Game; Your Choice

Feather shuttlecocks are made with bird feathers. On the other hand, synthetic shuttlecocks consist of plastic or nylon material. The feather ones offer high aerodynamic lift whereas the plastic shuttlecocks are durable. So, how to deal with the dilemma and make a decision between the two?

Casual or Competitive?

Your choice of shuttlecocks depends on the level of your game. Are you playing badminton on a casual basis? If the game is something you play at picnics, you can consider buying nylon shuttlecocks. They are great for someone starting to learn the game as well.

But, if you are going to compete in professional matches, choose feather shuttlecocks because you won't be allowed to use nylon ones for a match. You can save money by buying GE92 Golden Eagle feather badminton shuttlecocks in bulk and ensuring durability, consistency, and speed throughout the game.

GE92 Shuttles

Feeling the Flight!

A nylon shuttlecock has flatter trajectory which means it travels a slightly farther distance than the feather birdies. But, the feather shuttlecock has greater initial speed ideal for close net shots. You will be able to hit a feather shuttlecock properly because of its shape. For example, Yonex Aerosensa 50 feather shuttlecocks are ideal for professional players who have experience in placing the shot accurately.

Aerosensa 50 Shuttles

Cost-wise Calculation

Feather shuttlecocks are ideal for playing badminton matches. But, you have to take proper care of them. Also, they are costly as compared to nylon shuttlecocks which means replacing them becomes cumbersome. If you are a new player, use the cheaper option. For example, Yonex Mavis 350 shuttlecocks and Yonex Mavis 2000 nylon shuttlecocks will be easy on the pocket and last longer.

Mavis 350 Shuttles

Mavis 2000 Shuttles

Solving the Conundrum of choosing Shuttlecocks

Playing with the right kind of badminton equipment can improve your game phenomenally. But, it is not possible to buy feather shuttlecocks every time. So, what you can do is opt for nylon shuttlecocks for practice matches. They can help you to start playing the game without burning a hole in your pocket.

And, once you have got accustomed to playing with nylon ones, upgrade to feather shuttlecocks. Remember that the speed and trajectory of feather shuttlecocks is different than nylon ones which means you will have to spend time playing with them before the real match begins.

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