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Consistent Flight

I am using Victor Master Ace for the first time. I used it for a few matches in the past month and love its quality and consistent flight. The cork offers a great sound and feel. Will buy it again.

Love it

I liked how the racket felt in my hands and the way it handled attacking shots. Even while being lightweight and even balanced, it lends power and speed to my shots. Love it.

A Great Choice

I have been using them as a junior player, and they are still the best grip from Yonex. They are very comfortable to use and absorb sweat effectively.

Better than the First Edition

I have used first-generation S82 shoes, so I was eager to buy the latest shoes when I needed an upgrade. The S82II AS Unisex shoes are definitely an improvement. Much better support and the speed is next level too.

Good Fit for Indoor Sports

The Power Cushion 65 Junior badminton shoes are a great fit for indoor sports like badminton and squash. They are comfortable and good for growing players.

Immense Comfort

The Victor A930 shoes in blue are truly beautiful and comfortable. They can withstand long hours on the court and the best thing, is they absorb sweat to ensure my feet are cool.

Best Racquet for Controlled Shots

I preffer Brave Sowrd 12n for controlled shots over other available racquets in the market.

Best Racket from Victor

I like the racket's pace and handling while playing doubles. I prefer it over other rackets because the speed it delivers is truly unmatched.

So many Sizing Options

Thank you Nydhi for carrying large sizes for this product. Often, I find that companies do not stock XXL, but you are different. We appreciate your efforts.

Good Pair of Shorts

Not only for badminton, but I also use them for running. They do not chafe and offer a very comfortable fit. Thank you Nydhi for quick shipping and timely delivery.

Good For Intermdiate Players

I am an intermediate player and this, racket has helped me improve my game. Its medium flex is way better than the stiff flex option with other rackets in the Astrox series. Go for it if you have mastered the basic shots.

Good Intermediate Racket

This is by far my favorite intermediate racket. It generates decent power and does not slow down my response time. Ideal for precise shot-making. It is way better than my old racket.

Power and Skill

I like the Astrox series for its power. When Yonex came out with Astrox 88S Pro, I knew this was my racket because it offered a great combination of power and skill. It is everything that the company markets.

Net shots were great and the shot placement is phenomenal. NOTHING better than this.

A Decent Racket

For the price, it offers good value. A decent head-heavy racket for a casual player like me.

Just Like the Pro Version

This Astrox 100 Tour gives fierce competition to Astrox 100ZZ. It is almost similar in terms of racket handling and feel. However, the price is much more affordable. Worth it.

A Good Racket

Received the racket really quickly and in good condition from Nydhi. I love the lightweight feel of the racket. It makes it easy to wield for a new player like me. Smashes are good too.

THE Best Shoes for me

Perfect fit for me. Thanks...

Great Ergonomic Design

Having flat feet, I need to insert foot insoles to avoid pain and discomfort. After trying many OTC foot insoles, I bought the Victor Flat Arch Insoles from Nydhi. Trust me when I say these are the best in addressing my problem.

The design of these insoles is very comfortable and the cushioning offers great support while playing.

Most Comfortable

I chose the Victor VT-XD11 shoe insoles for my court shoes. I noticed an improvement in my game. My footwork has become better because I no longer feel the stiffness of my old shoes. These insoles have transformed my old shoes. Now, I can use them longer.


The P6500 badminton shoes from Victor are comfortable. The wide shape makes it easy for me to play long rallies without pain. It also relieves my plantar fasciitis pain thanks to its good cushioning.

first-time buyer

It is my first time buying Victor shoes. I have never purchased any Victor shoes for badminton before. The extra-wide model of the P9600 is perfect for me. It offers more comfort than any other badminton shoe, and the sole reduces stress on my toes and ankles.

Such an Affordable Choice

I liked the features of the Yonex 65 Z3 shoes. However, it was out of my price range. Thankfully, the Nydhi Team recommended the Yonex Power Cushion 65 X3 shoes as they are a budget-friendly version of my favorite badminton footwear. They look good and are very comfortable for practice. Highly satisfied.

Love the Shoes

The Victor P9200 TTY collection is one of my favorites from the Victor line-up. Sturdy, durable shoes that make footwork sleek, what more do I need? Absolutely in love with them.

Affordable and Economical At the Same Time

The Yonex Power Cushion 39 badminton shoes are a perfect alternative to regular sports shoes, especially when starting as a badminton player. I needed non-marking shoes to play on the court, and these just fit my budget perfectly.

I cannot believe I got Power Cushion technology at these prices. The soft cushioning makes long hours on the court comfortable.

Very Good Ankle Support

Recovering from an injury, I needed additional ankle support for playing badminton... The constant jumping and running on the court made my feet pain. Thankfully, the P8500 II shoes came to the rescue.

The ankle support provided by the shoes is second to none. Intense cushioning makes it easy for me to practice my skills. Thank you, Nydhi.

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