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Great product and quick shipping

Reasonably priced nice racket

NYDHI has a very good collection of badminton items

Yonex Exbolt 65 String Set (10m) - Yonex Badminton String

Looks good with powerful smash

I feel the quality of the racket is good for defense and smashing.

Great light weight racket

I bought this racket from Nydhi store for $55. Great head light rackets. Great for quick reflexes, especially backhand shots. Gives pretty decent power on smashes as well. Great value for the money spent.

Excellent string

Strung at 27x29 it's thicker than my usual strings exbolt 63, areosonic, areobite. I like the texture. I have played only 3 sessions with it so far so can't comment on durability.

Great String

Moved from ex-63 to ex-65. It’s more forgiving compared
to ex-63 and i like it better. Requested Nydhi to ship if quicker and they did just that.

Golden Eagle Shuttlecock

Shuttles are durable and lasts longer.

Excellent Racket

Racket speed is unbelievable. Can generate a decent power smash. Playing with this racket in the front court is awesome. Overall it's good racket.

Zymax 64 TX

Excellent string with very good control, especially for cuts, slices and spins. The textured string gives an edge other strings just don’t have while providing good power. Not as durable as others but keep in mind this is a tournament grade string.

Thruster Ryuga II (Purple) - Victor Badminton Racket

Most Powerful Racket

I like the racket for its speed and power. Got discount too. Thank you

Great Comfort, Stability and Shock Absorption Features

The P9600 BJ shoes provide incredible comfort, great stability and best shock absorption. Excited to wear on my match day. Loving it.

Best Shock Absorbing Shoes in the Market

Power Cushion 50 gives your feet a completely extra ordinary shock absorption. most comfortable as well.

Excellent flight and durability

I am glad that these shuttlecock are available in USA. This brand is in market from very longtime. Shuttlecock quality is very good better than other famous brands and affordable.


I love to wear this pressure wrist belt while playing badminton. I recommend using it while playing badminton, tennis or squash.

Best Quality Product

Best supporting waistband ever...

Thank you

It was a great help to me. The pressure waist belt has helped me to recover quickly. Thanks

Most Convenient Badminton Bag

This bag has independent compartments for my rackets and shoes. It is the most convenient bag for me.

Feel Good T-Shirt

Quick Dry, Light Weight, Good Look and Feel Good T-Shirt

Great Quality

Quality is great & it washes really well. Holds it shape too!

Nice Colorful T Shirt

I love the navy blue color. The t-shirt looks awesome...

Perfect for Practice Matches

Perfect t-shirt for my badminton practice. Also, great for casual attire.

Great Purchase

I was looking for the wide badminton bag and I found it on Very satisfied with the purchase.

Most Beautiful Bag

Beautiful, Sturdy and Stylish bag

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