Racket Grips: A Small but Significant Part of the Badminton Game!

While playing the game of badminton, you certainly do not want the racket to slip out of your hands. You do not wish that you miss a crucial shot because of the slippery racket. If you want to avoid such issues and ensure proper hitting of the shots, you must consider using a proper grip for the badminton racket.

Racket Grips: Do not ignore it

Players focus on the shape and weight of the badminton racket. But, they should not ignore the grip. A proper racket grip offers proper cushion to the wrist and helps you in avoiding injuries. And, its sweat absorption feature ensures that you do not get terrible blisters on your palms. The importance of racket grips comes to light when you are playing long rallies in humid conditions.

Badminton Racket Grips: Know Multiple Options; Avoid Total Confusion

Now, choosing a proper badminton grip with the right size can be tricky because it depends on your playing style, playing conditions and several other things. There are many types of grips available for badminton players. Learn about them to make a well-informed purchase decision:

1. The Replacement Grip

Every badminton racket comes with an original grip of its own. Over the period of regular playing and wear & tear, you need to replace the original grip by buying replacement grip. The grip is thick in size because it goes on the racket body. Most common material for replacement grips is Polyurethane.

2. The Overgrip

Overgrips are softer and much thinner than replacement grips. They are used to add stickiness/tackiness to the original grip. Sometimes, players cover the original grip with an overgrip such as Yonex AC-420-EX overgrip. It is used to increase the circumference of the handle. It is cheap which makes replacing it more affordable than other grip options.

3. The Towel Grip

If you sweat a lot or play in humid conditions, a grip such as Yonex AC-402-EX towel grip can be your ideal partner. It absorbs sweat and saves your racket from slipping away. But, remember that you need to replace it regularly because the cotton material can quickly become a breeding ground for bacteria.

Thick or Thin: What Racket Grip suits you?

It all depends on the kind of game you play and the level of personalization you require. Did you know you can adjust the grip with the help of cushion wrap? Yonex AC380 cushion wrap and Victor GR-50 cushion wrap can customize the grip to help you play your best game.

Now, if you enjoy a power game, then you must opt for a thicker racket grip. It will help you to hold the racket tightly and ensure that your shots are stronger than before. But, while choosing a thicker grip, make sure that it is low in weight. You will be able to hit powerful shots only if the racket is head-heavy.

If you are a player who believes in technique rather than power, you need a thinner grip so that your fingers are flexible. If you are looking for superior control, make sure that the racket is head-light even with the addition of the grip.

Whenever you have to make a decision regarding the grip, consider the size of your palm along with your playing style. For example, if you enjoy power play and you have large hands, you will require additional replacement grip over the original grip. So, when it comes to buying racket grips, do not make a hasty decision.

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