Revamp Your Game with Nydhi Badminton Strings:Light Up Your Racket

With the introduction of the Nydhi Strings in last quarter of 2021 in USA, the company revolutionized the game of badminton. NYDHI worked with research team with over 70 years of experience in badminton string technology and introduced its proprietary superior-quality strings that make your shots better than before.

NS Badminton Strings: Your Game; Your Choice

Nydhi offers a wide range of badminton racket strings to address the needs of different types of players. Whether you require more control or superior power while playing your shots, there is a USA-made NS badminton string for you. Trust the badminton racket strings with proprietary inner core and microfilament outer core technology.

1. NS620 (Repulsion) Badminton String

Designed by a team of researchers for quick shuttle response and optimum repulsion, the NS620 badminton strings are top quality. With a gauge of 0.62mm and string tension of up to 13.5 kgs or 30 lbs., it is perfect for advanced badminton players who require strength and repulsion in every shot. The strings promise minimal tension loss and incredible durability throughout the game. The NS620 string allows professionals to enjoy an excellent feel and provides accurate shuttle placement.

Sizing Options/Variations: NS620 Badminton String - 10m and 200m NS620 Badminton String Reel 

2. NS660 (Control) Badminton String

If you are looking for excellent control and durability without compromising on tension, NS660 (Control) badminton string is the right choice for you. Available in white with a string tension of up to 16 kgs or 35 lbs., the 0.66mm string ensures unparalleled shuttle control. The racket strings provide a soft feeling while hitting the birdie every time. If you are an advanced player who can handle thinner racket strings, it can suit you.

Sizing Options/Variations: NS660 Badminton String - 10m and 200m NS660 Badminton String Reel 

3. NS660 Power (Repulsion) Badminton String

If you want a gauge of 0.66mm with more focus on power and shuttle speed, the NS660 Power (Repulsion) badminton string can be your companion for every important game. It has a string tension of up t0 16 kgs or 35 lbs. with a soft feeling. When you compare the NS660 Power string to other options available on the market, it delivers more strength and durability for players who love to play an explosive game of badminton.

Sizing Options/Variations: NS660 Power (Repulsion) Badminton String - 10m and 200m NS660 Power (Repulsion) Badminton String Reel

4. NS680 (Repulsion and Durability) Badminton String

With a gauge of 0.68mm, the NS680 provides high repulsion and superior durability with a string tension of up to 16 kgs or 35 lbs. It has a hard feeling while hitting the shuttlecock. Badminton players who want to enjoy higher repulsion with each shot can choose the NS680. The higher diameter is also helpful for beginners who require a more forgiving racket string with a large sweet spot.

Sizing Options/Variations: NS680 (Repulsion and Durability) Badminton String - 10m and 200m NS680 (Repulsion and Durability) Badminton String Reel

5. NS690 (Durability) Badminton String

With a diameter of 0.69mm, the NS690 is incomparable in terms of strength and durability. If you want to make your shots more smashing than ever, the soft-feeling Nydhi 690 racket string is the way to go. It has a stringing tension of up to 16 kgs or 35 lbs. If you are an advanced badminton player or an intermediate one, you can use the NS690 strings to add strength to your shots without any tension loss. It is also a good option for amateur and recreational players who want a more durable option.

Sizing Options/Variations: NS690 (Durability) Badminton String - 10m and 200m NS690 (Durability) Badminton String Reel

NYDHI vs Yonex Strings Comparison

NS690 Hybrid String - Comparable to Yonex BG65 and Nanogy 95

NS680 Hybrid String - Comparable to Yonex BG65 Titanium and Nanogy 99

NS660 Power Hybrid String - Yonex BG80 Power and Nanogy 98

NS660 - Yonex BG80

NS620 - Yonex BG66 Ultimax

How to choose the Best Badminton Racket String?

Badminton racket strings are equally important as other tools of the game. So, do not ignore the racket strings in search of the best racket. Instead, when it comes to important games, use your trusted racket model and choose a racket string that lets you fire up your weapon!

If you break racket strings frequently, you can opt for a thicker gauge. It will offer more durability and resistance. For young players who are just starting to play badminton, a thicker gauge is more favorable.

On the other hand, if you are an experienced professional, you can benefit from choosing a thinner racket string. Usually, badminton professionals will power through their shots based on their techniques. Instead of putting in more power, they focus on their skills and control. So, they prefer the NS620 badminton string or the NS660 (Control) string.

Remember there is no rule as to what you should buy. You can also shop for a combo starter pack of badminton racket strings. Experiment with the options and understand what suits you better.

Buy the best badminton racket strings online! Choose made-in-USA badminton strings and get ready to fire up your racket.

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