Ashaway Badminton Strings: Choosing the Best String for Better Performance

Buying a good badminton racket promises efficient shots and helps you win the game. But it is not the only thing that makes your shots better. Choosing a good racket string is essential too. If the badminton string is loose, broken or simply inadequate to play shots, you will not be able to win the game.

When you are in the market to buy badminton racket strings, you might have come across different brands and string options. One of the oldest racket string manufacturers is Ashaway. The USA company was founded in 1824. They started making racket Ashaway badminton strings in 1949 and since then, the company has been offering quality badminton strings to players.

Ashaway Badminton Strings: How to choose the Best Option?

A decade ago, Ashaway introduced the ZyMax multi-filament badminton racket strings with its revolutionary ZyWeave technology. Under the series, you can find several options. However, making a choice can be difficult especially when you are new to the game or you have not really focused on the racket strings before.

1. Ashaway ZyMax TX Series

The Zymax TX series includes the ZyWeave core to maintain string tension and the BETA Polymer technology that offers repulsion and stiffness to the string. The string is bonded with a proprietary textured coating that adds more stiffness and control.

The Ashaway ZyMax 68 TX string has a tournament gauge which focuses on durability. The 0.68 mm badminton racket string can be strung up to 40 lbs., although you rarely need such a high string tension. Amateur players as well as professionals can choose the string option if they require maximum durability, power and stiffness. Another option in the series is the ZyMax 64 TX string with a 0.64 mm gauge.

2. Ashaway ZyMax Fire Series

The Ashaway ZyMax Fire series is made with ZyWeave core and BETA Polymer micro-filaments. As the company has introduced several string options under the ZyMax Fire series that cater to different needs, it is one of the most successful offerings from Ashaway.

A. Ashaway ZyMax 62 Fire

Just as the name suggests, the string has a gauge of 0.62 mm. Being one of the thinnest racket strings on the market, Ashaway ZyMax 62 Fire badminton string makes it a perfect choice for professionals and amateur advanced players who like to play control shots and demand ultimate repulsion power.

B. Ashaway ZyMax 66 Fire

It is ideal for professional badminton players who require an ultra-thin racket string for better control and precision over their shots. It promises a stiffer feel and a smaller sweet spot for controlled shots. With 0.66 mm in diameter, the ZyMax 66 Fire racket string can be strung up to 35 lbs.

C. Ashaway ZyMax 66 Fire Power

The ZyMax 66 Fire Power string comes with a gauge of 0.66 mm to add more strength to your shots. Similar to the ZyMax 66 Fire string, you can string the racket up to 35 lbs. It promises more repulsion power, better tension stability and improved durability on account of a thicker gauge.

D. Ashaway ZyMax 69 Fire

In comparison to ZyMax 66 Fire Power string, ZyMax 69 Fire string offers slightly less repulsion. However, it ranks high on strength and durability and you can string it up to 40 lbs. If you break racket string often, this is the perfect option for you. Another similar option is the NS700 XT badminton string.

3. Ashaway Rally Fire Series

The string series features BETA polymer multi-filament core with a durable nylon mono-filament layer. The perfect option for amateur players, Ashaway Rally 21 Fire string is known for ultimate strength and durability. It delivers a consistent performance and promises minimal tension loss. The 0.70 mm gauge racket string is ideal for beginners who do not have enough strength to hit powerful shots. A close alternative to Ashaway Rally 21 Fire can be NS700 Pro badminton strings which has a similar gauge and hard feel.

4. Ashaway Rogue Duo® Hybrid String

A unique addition to the brand, the Ashaway Rogue Duo® Hybrid String is a combination string with different gauges for mains and crosses. It has the Rogue Duo® RD68 as the main string with a 0.68mm diameter for additional power and durability. For the crosses, the company has used Rogue Duo® Cross String - RD 61 with 0.61mm gauge for better shot-making and control over your shots. The string has BETA Polymer ZyWeaVeTMCore and braided BETA Polymer multifilaments to ensure improved performance.

Now that you know all about the different racket string options available, go ahead and make an informed choice. Remember to choose the best Ashaway racket string that aligns with your goal of becoming a better player.

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