In Focus: The Giant Killer Badminton Shuttler H.S. Prannoy

Did you know Prannoy Haseena Sunil Kumar, the talented Indian badminton player is also known as the Giant Killer for consistently defeating several top-rated players in recent years? He is reaching new heights of success with his remarkable and exceptional talent. His recent wins include a bronze at the Yonex Sunrise Open 2024 in New Delhi and the Perodua Malaysia Masters 2023 held in Kaulampur, Malaysia.

H.S. Prannoy's Best Achievements:

  • 1. Bronze medal at the 2023 World Championships in Copenhagen
  • 2. Bronze medal at the Asian games in 2023
  • 3. Gold medal at the 2022 Thomas Cup in Bangkok
  • 4. Gold medal for Mixed Team Event in the 2018 Commonwealth Games
  • 5. Gold medal at the South Asian Games in 2016
  • 6. Gold medal at the Swiss Open Grand Prix in 2016

All these achievements demonstrate his ability to play a fine game! These wins not only reflect his talent but also his hard work. His father Sunil Kumar was a badminton player. Being the son of the former All India Air Force Badminton Champion, it was natural for Prannoy to take up badminton at ten years of age.

H.S. Prannoy is well known for his powerful smashes and fast drives. His dynamic and aggressive playing style allows him to use speed and power with precision. He has had several victories against top-ranked players owing to his attacking playing style and aggressive yet deceptive shot-making skills. Observers point out that his defense can be an area of improvement which will help him elevate to the top of the rankings table.

What are H.S. Prannoy’s Favorite Badminton Equipment?

Let's learn more about the Giant Killer's weapon of choice:

1. Victor AuraSpeed Hyper Sonic Plus Racket

HS Prannoy's endorsement of the Victor AuraSpeed HS plus racket speaks about how he trusts only the best and most advanced badminton racket to enhance his performance. It is the latest from the Victor Sports Speed series with a head-light balance for ultimate speed.

With Prannoy's ability to generate raw power, the Victor ARS-HS PLUS badminton racket allows him to make his attacks more menacing and his shots even faster.

The racket uses high resilience modulus graphite in the frame and shaft allowing for durability, stability, and flexibility at the same time. The stiff shaft allows for precision, thus, making his shots imperceptible to the eyes of the opponent.

In the past, he has used the Mizuno JPX Reserve Edition racket for incredible power and elevated performance on the court.

2. Victor A970 Nitrolite Badminton Shoes

Like any other player, Prannoy focuses on badminton shoes that provide stability and comfort during intense matches. He prefers the Victor A970 Nitrolite badminton shoes. The premium badminton footwear is crucial to his success on the court. With supercritical nitrogen foaming technology, they offer lightweight support and lateral stability like no other.

3. Victor VBS 66 Nano Badminton Strings

H.S. Prannoy uses the Victor VBS 66 Nano badminton strings to improve the performance of his racket and win points. The high-resilience badminton string from Victor adds more power to his game. With a medium feeling, it delivers decent durability and sufficient hitting sound.

Wishing More Laurels to Prannoy!

H.S. Prannoy's determination, passion and dedication motivate millions of fans globally. He inspires many athletes with his "never say die" attitude. With his unmatched skills and competitive spirit, one thing is certain- HS Prannoy will leave a mark in this game of badminton!

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