Badminton Clothing: Choose Apparel that offers Better Movement

Badminton is a mentally and physically challenging sport. It demands agility, speed and skill. When you are playing the game, you may focus on choosing the right badminton racket or buying the ideal pair of shoes but you may forget one important aspect: clothing. Yes! It is true that when it comes to the choice of apparel, badminton is a pretty relaxed sport (now). However, in order to ensure a comfortable game, you need to follow a few pointers.

How to choose Clothes for your Next Badminton Game?

Whether you are training to improve your skills or playing a tournament match, you must wear clothes that keep you cool and comfortable and enhance your movement. You may have your preferences for badminton apparel but here are a few tips to make your decision simple.

1. Cotton vs. Polyester: Which is the better Fabric?

The very first rule of choosing clothes for badminton is that they should dry quickly. Choose material that dries off sweat quickly so that you are not drenched in sweat throughout the game. A t-shirt that doesn’t absorb sweat will get heavy and make you slower in your response, which is what you do not want. Nylon and polyester sports t-shirts are excellent options for badminton apparel. On the other hand, avoid cotton t-shirts and shorts as they may get heavy and will do you more harm in a game of badminton.

By choosing a lightweight Yonex tournament-style t-shirt, you will enhance your speed. Bulky and heavy t-shirts can keep you from being agile on the court. So, make sure you choose clothing that doesn't restrict you in any way or affect your game negatively.

2. Choose Fitted Clothes for the Game

Wearing an ill-fitted piece of clothing will make you uncomfortable on the court. It can also cause unnecessary friction and chafe your body parts. It will most definitely affect your game. Wearing long pants or loose skirts will not allow you to move quickly and cost you some precious points. Also, extremely tight shorts can restrict your movements. So, consider fitted tournament-style shorts and t-shirts. You can opt for sleeveless t-shirts as well.

When making a choice, consider the quality of the material. Choose something that can withstand extreme sweat and constant movements on the court.

3. Does the Color of Clothing matter?

Usually, the choice of colors depends on your preferences and your team's colors. For example, if your team's color is red, you can buy the Yonex Club/Team Men's red t-shirt. It is advisable to choose colors that do not make you feel hot and sweaty. During hot weather, it is wise to stay away from dark-colored apparel that can absorb heat quickly. Such clothes will make you sweat more and leave you gasping for breath on the court.

Choose light, fresh colors especially if you are playing in hot conditions. Shop with an online badminton apparel store to find multiple color options for your favorite badminton t-shirt.

4. Is it necessary to buy Compression Wear for Badminton?

Using compression wear such as compression calf sleeves or compression elbow wrap will ease joint pain and prevent you from further injuries. If you are prone to injuries, you may lose out on important matches. Sometimes, during the play, you may pull a muscle and it may restrict your movement. So, it is beneficial to use compression wear in such situations, although it is not compulsory.

5. What other Accessories are useful for the Game of Badminton?

There are many clothing accessories used in badminton. Their primary focus is to soak up excess sweat and allow you to play the game to the best of your abilities. It includes socks, headbands, wrist bands, caps, visors and badminton sports towels. You can choose any option that suits your needs. 

The Final Word: Durable Badminton Apparel wins the Game

When choosing any type of badminton apparel, do not opt for cheap-quality material. Instead choose quality clothes that are durable and comfortable at the same time. If the cost is a prime concern, you can always check online. For example, the Yonex tournament-style Henley Crew neck t-shirt retails at $45, but you can buy it online for approximately $20.

Nowadays, online stores offer detailed information about clothing options including sizes, color choices, etc. Also, with an easy shipping and returns policy, you can be assured of a pleasurable shopping experience.

So, that is it! Now that you know all about choosing badminton apparel, we hope you are ready to step on the court in style.

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