Shopping for Ideal Badminton Shoes: Choose Wisely to Play well

Playing badminton involves being fast and flexible. You have to cover your part of the court and hit powerful shots so as to win the game. Lateral movement is a key aspect of badminton. It means your usual running shoes or your gym sneakers won't make the cut. The running shoes are bulky and do not allow you to move as quickly as you require. So, what type of shoes should you buy for playing badminton?

Badminton Shoes: How to make the Ideal Choice?

While playing badminton, every player focuses on two important things:
1. Performance - How to perform well?
2. Prevention - How to prevent injuries?

A good pair of shoes can help you in managing both the things. But, buying the best badminton shoes is not easy. The most expensive ones are not the best shoes for you. The selection depends on the following things:

Choose your Sole-mate

The selection of shoes depends on the playing surface. If the badminton court is wood or polyurethane, you need to buy shoes with gum rubber soles because they guarantee good traction and proper grip. Most of the indoor badminton courts have wood or polyurethane surface. However, there are a few courts built with cement. If you are going to play on the cement court, choose rubber soles.

Shoes for Support

When you are playing the sport, you will realize that badminton compels you to be on your feet all the time. You need to jump, lunge, run and do everything else to hit powerful shots. And, it can take a toll on your knees. To avoid knee injury, you need badminton shoes that support you by providing proper cushioning and adequate shock absorption. It is one of the most important factors to consider while going shoe-shopping.

Size matters!

A common mistake that badminton players make while selecting shoes is focusing on the length. They will wear the shoes and if they fit they will make the purchase. However, you need to focus on the width. Even if the shoes fit you properly, check whether the width is comfortable for you. Wear the shoes as you would be wearing them for a match. If the shoes have wide room around the toe area, it can affect your balance and result in blisters.

Light-weight and Airy

Badminton is a sport of agility and speed. So, you need your badminton shoes to be light-weight. Heavy shoes can slow you down especially in fast rallies. Another thing that you need to focus is the material of the shoes. Choose footwear made of mesh and other breathable material. It will ensure that sweat and moisture do not make you uncomfortable. Plus, you can avoid the terrible blisters with airy shoes.

Are you going to play badminton every week? Do you want to compete in professional matches? Understand your goal for the sport. It will help you to make a practical purchase decision. Buying the right grade of shoes is equally important.

If you are going to use the badminton shoes for a few friendly games over the summer, it is best to choose inexpensive shoes. However, if you are professional, choose technologically-advanced shoes made to last long. So, understand your situation, your goals and your budget to make the ideal buying decision.

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