Ace Your Footwork: The Best Badminton Shoes for Men in 2024

Badminton is a game of quick movements, rapid changes in direction, and explosive bursts of energy. The right footwear is critical to performing at your best on the court.

Unlike casual sneakers or running shoes, badminton-specific shoes are specially engineered to meet the unique demands of the game. From the precise traction patterns to the supportive, responsive cushioning, every element is designed to allow badminton players to move swiftly, pivot sharply, and propel themselves in any direction without worry of slips or impacts.

So, while it may be tempting to begin your badminton journey with an old pair of trainers, the lack of lateral support and targeted traction can severely hinder movement on a badminton court. It can lead to injuries and deter your progress. Hence choose one of the non-marking, indoor badminton shoes for men to ensure accurate and safe omnidirectional movements.

1. Victor A970 NitroLite

A current favorite of Team Victor players like Lee Zii Jia, Anders Antonsen, and Nishimoto Kenta, Victor A970 Nitrolite badminton shoes are the embodiment of perfection and comfort. The all-around badminton shoes have the revolutionary NitroLite Technology in the mid-sole area along with E-TPU for better shock absorption and rebound.

The A970NitroLite shoes also have the heel-protection tab and 3-D heel-protection system for ultimate comfort and stability. The durable Microfiber PU leather delivers a stylish finish to the shoes available in Hawaii blue/black and pearl white color schemes.

2. Victor VG2ACE

One of the latest launches from the Taiwanese badminton giant, the 2024 Victor VG2ACE badminton shoes are the perfect all-around indoor court footwear for optimum performance. Victor calls them the ultimate shoes for comfortable mobility.

The VG2ACE C badminton shoes are highly breathable with a built-in insole to dissipate heat and avoid blisters. The Digitwire technology ensures a solid fit. The outsole is made with VSR Rubber and provides slip resistance like none. It has HYPEREVA and Solid Eva in the midsole for soft cushioning and perfect bounce.

3. Yonex Power Cushion Eclipsion Z3

2023-edition Yonex Power Cushion Eclipsion Z3 men's badminton footwear focuses on stability, comfort, and fit. The latest edition of the Eclipsion series delivers confidence even when performing the most complex footwork.

With Power Cushion and Power Cushion+ technology, the SHBELZ3M also has an advanced Lateral Shell and Stability Reinforcement for omnidirectional movement on the court. It also has the Feather Bounce Foam for increased bounce. With the Toe-Assist shape, inner-bootie design and semi-one-piece sole, you can expect ultimate stability and durability from the shoes.

If you desire a perfect fit without any room for errors, prefer the Yonex Power Cushion Infinity 2 badminton shoes. In addition to the latest Yonex technology, it has the BOA® Fit System’s Dual Dial L for micro-adjustable precision fit.

4. Yonex Power Cushion 65 Z3

Certainly one of the most popular badminton shoes, the Yonex Power Cushion 65 Z3 shoes convey all-around performance with ultimate comfort, fit, and stability. Yonex mentions that the footwear has a new level of fast and light footwork.

The SHB65Z3M badminton shoes have Power Cushion and Power Cushion+ technology for better shock repulsion. Its Power Graphite technology and Synchro-Fit Insole allow stability and maximum grip in every movement. Similar to Power Cushion Eclipsion Z3, it has Lateral Shell technology.

5. Yonex Power Cushion Aerus Z2

If you are looking for the lightest-ever badminton shoes, you will enjoy the shoes advertised by Yonex weighing only 240 grams per shoe*. The 5th-gen Yonex Power Cushion Aerus Z2 badminton shoes will make your footwork agile and lightning-fast because of its 3D Power Graphite technology in the midsole region. It reduces the weight of the footwear and adds to your stability when landing after a jump.

Other materials that reduce the weight of the shoes include Double Raschel Mesh, Durable Skin Light, and msLITE X. Like other Yonex shoes, it has the Power Cushion and Power Cushion+ technology for shock absorption and Radial Blade Sole for easy direction changes on the court.

For badminton professionals and casual players who demand absolute comfort, choose the Yonex Power Cushion Comfort Z3 badminton shoes. Due to their high cushioning design, the SHBCFZ3M can ensure comfortable rallies and intense shock absorption.

6. Victor P9200TTY

The 2023 Victor Tai Tzu Ying badminton shoes are an ode to the famous Taiwanese badminton champion, celebrating her global influence. The stunning white shoes with purple accents create a regal elegance around the footwear.

You will enjoy improved lateral stability and quick directional change with the Victor P9200TTY-A shoes. With Carbon Power and Neo Duplex technology in the midsole region, the shoes offer comfort and energy absorption like no other. The Victor Hypereva technology makes the shoes ultra-lightweight and durable.

7. Li-Ning Yun Ting

Li-Ning Yun Ting badminton shoes are the best-selling Li-Ning shoes of 2022! The classic white shoes are known for comfort, stability and support, making them the top choice for court players. Li-Ning uses Boom technology/Pebax foam in the heel area for maximum shock absorption.

The mid-sole region has Carbon-Plate and Probar Loc technology for better stability. The Chinese company has ensured the shoes have top-quality foam material throughout the sole for extra power and comfort. The shoes are the perfect badminton shoes for players who require all-around performance.

8. Victor S99 Elite

Like the A970 Nitrolite, the Victor S99 Elite has the Nitrolite technology in the midsole region for intense shock absorption. It is the perfect badminton footwear for players returning from an injury and wanting to ensure maximum comfort.

Other tech features include Energy Max V, Carbon Power, and Solid Eva to add stability and help players with problems such as plantar fasciitis and overpronation. The Victor S99ELITE shoes offer incredible value for money because of their durability.

9. Victor P8500II

If you enjoy the fit delivered by Yonex Power Cushion Eclipsion, the Victor P8500II badminton shoes can offer a similar fit and enhanced comfort. The professional badminton court shoes were a favorite of Muhammad Ahsan for their all-around fit and excellent performance.

With double mesh and microfiber PU leather, the shoes are feather-lite and durable. The VSR rubber ensures greater shock absorption and bounce in the outsole region. The mid-sole region has Hypereva and Carbon Power for shock absorption, stability, and a lightweight feel. With the enhanced ankle support design, the shoes are a great choice for players who need support after injury.

10. Victor S82III

The 2024 Victor S82III professional badminton shoes are the newest edition to the S82 Speed series from Victor. You can use the badminton footwear to access lightning-fast movements to confound your opponents and win points.

Soft and bouncy, the S82III shoes promise lateral support design with VSR Rubber for anti-slip features. The midsole is solid with state-of-the-art Victor technologies like HYPEREVA, ENERGYMAX V, Carbon Power, TPU, and Solid Eva.

11. Victor A396

Like Yonex Power Cushion 88 Dial 2 badminton shoes, the Taiwanese manufacturer has introduced Victor A396 badminton shoes has a special lace-free construction design for a snug feeling on the court.

These are first-of-its-kind shoes from Victor, the buckle allows the company to upgrade their footwear for maximum innovation. The company has made the upper part from PU leather and double-mesh for breathability. The midsole is EVA, ENERGYMAX, and Nylon Sheet for enough bounce.

12. Asics Gel Rocket 11

Although Asics is renowned for manufacturing high-end running shoes, it has forayed into the market of indoor court shoes. The Asics Gel Rocket 11 is men's volleyball shoes. But, you can use them for a plethora of indoor sports like handball, badminton, and squash.

The GEL-ROCKET 11 badminton shoes are multi-purpose and deliver good stability and effortless movement to players. With flexible and breathable upper construction, the shoes are perfect for rapid rallies. It has the Trusstic application in the midsole region to prevent over-twisting and ensure stability. They have flexion grooves on the outsoles for better lateral and diagonal movements.

13. Victor A970Ace

Although everyone is excited about the Victor A970 NitroLite, the 2022-edition Victor X Lee Zii Jia A970 Ace is still popular. Inspired by the TK-RYUGA II racket, the black-purple A970 Ace indoor sports shoes were declared the "International Players' Shoe of Choice"

Victor Sports has used an upgraded version of HYPEREVA and shock-absorbing E-TPU energy heel pad technology for reduced weight and super rebound. The black edition of A970ACE had the first-of-its-kind heel protection tab and 3-D heel protection system, making the shoes an iconic model.

14. Asics Blast FF 3

The Asics Blast FF 3 model is a great choice for volleyball and badminton players. The shoes promise advanced stability and better movement whether you play a defensive or offensive game. They have a Mono-Sock design construction for extra support in the ankle region. The footwear also has the Turntruss component in the rear outsole section for rapid transitions.

If you are a budget-conscious player, the mid-range badminton shoes from Asics can enhance your game and make your footwork explosive.

The Perfect Fit!

As the latest and most popular models from top brands have demonstrated, the best badminton footwear must incorporate advanced technologies and materials to optimize speed, stability, cushioning, fit and durability on the court.

With the right men's badminton footwear, you can reduce fatigue and shock impact, thus, providing traction for rapid multi-directional movements, and allowing you to play at your best. So, take the time to assess your playing style, foot mechanics and priorities to find your next pair of badminton shoes.

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