Yonex Aerosensa 50 Review: The Top Choice of Badminton Professionals

Whether you are playing a game of badminton with friends or competing in a professional match, your choice of shuttlecock can make all the difference. If you want to enjoy the feel of a premium quality feather birdie that your favorite badminton legends use, you may have thought about buying Yonex Aerosensa 50 shuttlecocks.

Is AS-50 goose feather badminton shuttlecocks the perfect fit for you? Do you want to know how it performs on the badminton court? Are you interested in finding the branded shuttlecocks at the best prices? We have got all the answers for you!

Yonex Aerosensa 50 Badminton Shuttlecocks: Specifications

Professional badminton players at major BWF tournaments use Yonex Aerosensa 50 badminton shuttlecocks. The popularity of the AS-50 feather birdies is quite prominent even after its launch several years ago. Here are the product specifications:

Product Code: AS-50

Quantity: 1 Tube/12 shuttlecocks

Materials:  100% solid cork, premium goose feathers

Yonex Speed Ratings: 2, 3, and 4

Recommended Temperature: 22 - 28 degrees Celsius (or 71.6 - 82.4 degrees Fahrenheit)        

Yonex AS-50: A Detailed Review to help Badminton Players 

Our team reviewed the Yonex Aerosensa 50 based on service, speed, clears, and smashes. Judging the shuttlecock on crucial parameters such as feel, flight, consistency, and durability, the review of Yonex AS-5o will enable you to make a well-informed buying decision.

1. Top-Notch Feel with every Shot!

When testing Yonex Aerosensa 50 badminton shuttlecocks, one will realize the top-notch feel of the feather birdies. One of the best shuttlecocks launched by the badminton equipment giant, the AS-50 may seem slower if you usually play with nylon shuttlecocks. However, once you get the hang of playing with a goose feather shuttlecock, you will enjoy the clears, drop shots, and smashes with the Yonex Aerosensa 50.

For experienced players, who have a knack for playing the shuttlecock accurately at the sweet spot, the sound of the solid cork hitting the racket strings will elevate the playing experience.

2. Consistent Performance every Time

Yonex uses precision manufacturing techniques to ensure that the shuttlecocks perform consistently. With stringent quality checks and performance measures, you can appreciate accurate and precise speed, distance, and stability.

Whether it is singles service or doubles service, the AS50 glides through the air effortlessly. You will not face any issues hitting the shuttlecock far, even if you apply less power to your shots.

When it comes to clears, you will notice that the shuttlecock spins well and stays intact. With powerful smashes, the shuttlecock performs similar to other goose feather birdies. You will find the feathers weakening after a few shots. However, Aerosensa 50 will retain its overall shape, which will enable you to use the shuttlecock longer than others.

3. Superior Durability of Feather Birdies

If you compare Yonex Mavis 350 or Mavis 2000 nylon badminton shuttlecocks with a natural goose feather birdie, you will realize that feather shuttlecocks are not as durable as plastic ones. The same is the issue with Yonex Aerosensa 50 shuttlecocks. They are not as durable as their nylon counterparts. But, if you compare it with other goose and duck feather birdies available on the market, AS-5o offers superior durability.

When you are in a professional game, you may need several shuttlecocks because you will have to switch to a newer one. After all, slight damage to the feathers can affect the trajectory and speed of your shots. And, with the premium cost of the shuttlecocks, the decision to buy Yonex AS50 feels overindulgent.

However, you can shop from a wholesale badminton supplies store and opt for Yonex Aerosensa 50 shuttlecocks in bulk. It will save you money and ensure that you stay within the budget. Additionally, you can also shop for a badminton shuttlecock humidifier to maximize the durability of the feather birdies and reduce your shuttlecock consumption.

Overall, the Yonex Aerosensa 50 badminton shuttlecocks are phenomenal. If you want to experience a professional level of the game, you cannot go wrong with Yonex AS50 feather birdies. Remember to shop online to get the best deals on the top-rated Yonex shuttlecock!

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