Victor AuraSpeed 90S Review: Does it guarantee Razor Sharp Performance?

The process for choosing the best badminton racket is never the same for two players. You may find your favorite badminton professional using a racket and think of buying it. Or you may stumble upon an article (just like this), and learn the features of the racket. Well, no matter how you find your next racket. It is essential that you understand your style and make an informed decision.

For an all-round performance, many players are relying on the features of Victor AuraSpeed 90S. The latest 2019 model of the racket has` the code: ARS-90S J. It comes in stylish black with blue and green decals along with a slight purple/grey tinge.

AuraSpeed 90S Racquet

Victor ARS-90S J: An All-Round Racket for an Advanced Player

Victor has redefined the way speed rackets were designed across the world. The AuraSpeed 90S doesn't just focus on incredible speed but it also combines amazing strength to give you an all-round performance. The head-light racket is known for enhanced performance in the mid court for drives as well as defensive shots.

While reviewing the ARS-90S J racket, we have tried to answer all the common questions that you may have regarding the racket model.

What are the Product Specifications of the Racket?

1. Flex: Medium Stiff
2. Balance: Even Balance
3. Weight: 3U and 4U
4. Recommended String Tension: ≦ 30 lbs. (13.5Kg) ≦ 29 lbs. (13Kg)
5. Made in Taiwan

What are the Features of the Racquet?

ARS-90S J racket boasts the highest number of technologies. If you compare with another all-round racket from the AuraSpeed series, Victor AuraSpeed 30H, the latter doesn’t have its innovative RTC technology and Sonic-Rebound Technology among many other things. Let’s take a look at all the essential features that the AuraSpeed 90S racket possesses:

1. Maximized Rebound Performance: Using the incredible RTC (Rebound Transition Construction) technology, Victor has introduced reflection points to the frame. The points/spots maximize rebound and thus improve the speed of each swing. The rebound performance is enhanced by Sonic-Rebound technology that combines RTC with highly resilient graphite material to redefine the meaning of a speed racket.

2. Quick Attacks without Losing Control: With the help of WES (Whipping Enhancement System), Victor AuraSpeed 90S racket uses a softer material in the T-section of the racket. It allows for steeper shots and faster attacks without losing control.

3. Increased Durability: Victor has incorporated the advanced NANO FORTIFY TR+ and Hard Cored technologies in AuraSpeed 90S racket. The durable carbon fiber improves racket strength, reinforces handling feel and delivers a better performance.  If you invest in the racket, you will be able to use it for a really long time.

4. Reduced Air Resistance: Victor goes one step ahead of SWORD frame with this racket. The AuraSpeed 90S racket has the DYNAMIC-SWORD feature. It has an inward-cutting frame construction at 6/12 o’ clock. 3/9 o’ clock positions have an outward-cutting construction to replicate the design of a sword. It makes each swing razor sharp.

5. Excellent Shock Absorption: Using the innovative PYROFIL carbon fiber from Japan, the racket absorbs impact and keeps you ready for the next shot.

6. Extended String Life: By using a single-pass grommet hole construction, Victor has tried to reduce the friction between strings and thus, ensuring that the racket strings stay in good shape for a long time.

How does the Racket Perform?

Although, professionals prefer Victor AuraSpeed 90K badminton racket to improve shots on the backcourt with precise and powerful handling of the shuttlecock. Do not think that just because the racket is a head-light model, it doesn't pack power.

The racket proves to be very stable and you will be able to play power shots such as smashes with great strength and accuracy. Playing shots from the rear-court will be effortless for you. Your drop shots and clears will be on point because of the aerodynamic feature. You will be able to play mid-court shots with great speed and strength.

While using the racket, we realized that the swing speed of the racket is very fast. It is indeed razor sharp, as claimed by the company. With slightly more flex in the racket head, you will be able to time your shots perfectly.

The DYNAMIC-SWORD technology makes defense powerful and controlled. You cannot find a problem with this racket especially when you are around the net.

Who will benefit from buying Victor AuraSpeed 90S?

If you have been using Victor JetSpeed 10 badminton racket and need a robust replacement for the racket, you can rely on Victor AuraSpeed 90S. Even players who enjoy playing with Victor Bravesword 12 can give this racquet a fair chance.

If you are a doubles player, the Victor ARS-90S J racket is going to be a treat for you. Some players say that its handling is even better than Yonex Astrox 88S racket. Even singles players who demand an all-round performance with solid power, speed and control can choose the racket.

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