Restringing Vs. Replacing the Badminton Racket: What should you do?

When you first started playing badminton, you purchased the best badminton gear available at the time. But, just like everything else, badminton rackets depreciate over time. And, you need to repair them regularly for ensuring incredible shot delivery every time.

Regular Maintenance for maintaining Racket Durability

Usually, the most common maintenance routine includes restringing the racket. Rackets lose their string tension after a couple of games. If the strings become too loose, you will not be able to hit quick shots and your game will suffer. So, it is essential to restring the racket regularly. Regular playing not only damages the string but also affects other parts of the racket. You need to repair the racket and check the condition of grommets and replace the missing ones. Even by changing the grip regularly and keeping it dry, you can extend the life of the badminton racket.

However, constant maintenance can take a toll on you. Is it better to buy a new racket or keep restringing and repairing the old one? If you do not know how to make the decision, here's all the help you will ever need.

When to Restring and Repair the Racket?

Check the string tension of your racket regularly. Usually, if you are playing 3-4 times a week, you should restring the racket after every 3 months. And, the same length of time is adequate for grommets as well. But, do not use the duration as the rule of thumb. If you believe that strings are broken or loose from wear and tear, restring the racket on your own or use a professional racket stringing service.

As for grips, you can change them according to playing conditions. For example, if you are going to play in humid conditions, you can use a towel badminton grip.

When to replace the Racket?

If your badminton racket is demanding constant repair and spends most of the time out of the court, it is best to replace the racket. But it is not the only reason for buying a new badminton racket. Other reasons include:

1. Technology and Innovation

Technology has taken over each and every sector and badminton rackets are not an exception. In the olden days, bulkier wooden frames were used for building rackets. Wood was replaced by Aluminum. And, today with innovation, graphite, carbon fiber, steel and several materials are being used to create the lightest and fastest badminton rackets. For example, the latest Yonex ArcSaber 11 Pro badminton racket is made from advanced HM Graphite, Super HMG (High Modulus Graphite), Ultra PE fiber, and proprietary rubber-like material called Pocketing Booster for better frame elasticity, durability, and strength.

So, if you are using old rackets, it is time to buy a new one and avoid risking wrist injuries from heavy rackets.

2. Improvement in Skills

If your badminton skills have improved considerably, you may not do well with a beginner's racket. In such a situation, buying a new racket will become necessary. If you are an advanced player who enjoys hitting powerful smashes, a head-heavy racket such as the Astrox 88D Pro or the Victor Thruster K TTY A badminton racket will work wonders for you. And, if you like playing fast rallies, a head-light Yonex Nanoflare 800 Pro racket will be the perfect fit for you.

3. The need for a Backup Racket

If you have only one badminton racket, it is best to buy a backup one. Strings, shaft and frame can break during important games and using someone else’s racket can affect your shots. Having an additional racket can save you in such situations.

Also, constant restringing can affect the frame, so having a couple of extra rackets will extend the life of your current rackets. For buying affordable badminton rackets, browse online to find a trustworthy badminton retailer and pick your favorite racket that suits your playing style and budget.

Make the Right Decision!

As a badminton player, your racket is your weapon of choice. Whether you enjoy a head-heavy racket or prefer playing with a balanced one, your racket determines the level and strength of your shots. So, do not ignore the condition of the racket. Consider your needs and budget to make the decision.

Have you decided to buy a new badminton racket? Whether you require Yonex Astrox badminton racket or Victor Thruster Ryuga II badminton rackets, we have you covered. Shop 100% original badminton rackets from your, your trusted online retailer. Enjoy discounts and best quality.

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