Own the Badminton Court with Custom Insoles and Orthotics

Badminton players are on their feet all the time. From jumping, running, sprinting, and rushing all over the badminton court, it's only reasonable to expect minor pain and discomfort. Whether you are experiencing pain from biomechanical issues or a sports injury, adding extra cushioning in the form of insoles and orthotics can help you.

How can Badminton Players benefit from using Insoles?

Did you know insoles help reduce pain from plantar fasciitis, under pronation, over pronation, low arch, high arch, etc.? With the additional comfort and cushioning, orthotics supports your movement, avoid sports injuries and reduce pain caused by existing injuries.  

As a badminton player involved in a high-intensity sport, insoles can provide comfort and support, especially if you play the game several days a week. Insoles will absorb shock, distribute pressure throughout the foot, and reduce muscle overload, thus decreasing pain in your ankles, knees, and back. 

Modern orthotics and insoles can impact the crucial pressure points on your feet, thus alleviating soreness. It will result in better balance and posture on the badminton court and improve blood circulation to prevent swelling. 

Why Custom Orthotics is the Best Solution for Players?

When you are shopping for orthotics or foot insoles, you will find the market has to offer plenty of options. From over-the-counter foot insoles from the most well-known brands to custom-made orthotics at your podiatrist, foot insoles can cost you a few dollars or hundreds of them.

Many players use shoe insoles from old shoes to make their new ones more comfortable. Often, they buy OTC inserts to avoid wear and tear on their new shoes or even to address any pain issues. However, one needs to trim them to match the foot size, and any small error can render the insoles inoperative. 

If you are looking for an affordable custom-made option, it is wise to choose custom orthotics at your trusted local sports store. Many badminton equipment stores understand the importance of affordable orthotics and offer custom insoles service to address the needs of their patrons. You can access custom insoles for as low as $55 and still enjoy podiatrist-level precision for your feet.

Crucial Things to consider when getting Custom Foot Insoles

If you are buying customized insoles, pay attention to the following points:

1. Choose A Reliable Custom Foot Insoles Service

If you look for “custom foot insoles near me,” you will find several businesses offering the service in your area. However, choosing someone without a thorough investigation can lead to wasteful expenditures. 

Before you decide, discuss your requirements with the business. Do they use computerized podoscope to get accurate measurements of your foot? What can be the margin of error? Will they accept a prescription from your podiatrist? How much time will it take to create custom foot insoles? What will be the price? 

Rely on an experienced service provider to customize the insoles according to the size and shape of your feet. It will enable you to address the problems and reduce your pain. 

2. Be Ready to invest in New Badminton Shoes

Whether you have wide feet or narrow feet, insoles can make your existing shoes uncomfortable. So, do not wear insoles for the first time on the day of your crucial match. 

If you use insoles while playing a badminton match and your shoes do not accommodate the space required for the insoles, you may experience sharp pain. It is because insoles can put extra pressure on your feet. So, it is necessary to try the insoles with your shoes beforehand. 

If they are painful, you must buy new shoes in a larger size. And remember to try your new shoes with the insoles. Walk around in them and sprint a little to understand how the shoes will feel on the badminton court.

3. There will be an Adjustment Stage

Custom insoles can be an affordable and effective solution to your pain. The orthotics relieve pressure on your foot, but you need to consider the type of orthotics you buy for optimal results. 

For example, rigid orthotics can decrease pressure in the forefoot region and avoid toe turf injuries common in badminton. However, every player may not be comfortable with rigid orthotics. Few may feel the texture inconvenient and require softer gel-based insoles to address their problems. 

You must understand that you will need time to figure out the best insoles for you. Even if you buy new shoes to wear the custom insoles, you will need some time to acclimatize to the insoles. 

Many people opt for off-the-shelf insoles because of the same reason. However, if you work with an expert, you can get custom insoles right the first time. Explain your problems to the professionals lucidly and understand the process of creating custom insoles. By choosing an experienced service provider, you will know what to expect from custom insoles and, thus, increase your satisfaction level.

Want to ensure an injury-free badminton experience? Buy the best badminton shoes and choose branded foot insoles. You can opt for custom insoles for additional comfort.

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