Effective Tips for increasing Grip on Badminton Shoes

Badminton shoes can get slippery with regular use. But it doesn’t mean you need to discard them every time you feel that the shoes are losing traction. Let's understand how to take care of badminton shoes so that you can get the best returns on your investment and ensure improved play on the court.

When you are starting to play badminton, you invest in a quality badminton racket, professional badminton shoes, shuttlecocks and much more! So, it makes sense that you take good care of them. We have already covered how to take care of your badminton racket, now let’s focus on the shoes.

When you are starting to play badminton on the court, you need to invest in a quality pair of badminton shoes that do not leave any scuff marks. But, buying the most expensive badminton shoes will not guarantee you superior grip for several years. You have to take care of the shoes to ensure that you do not slip and injure yourself.

Badminton Shoes: Do not let the 'Grip' slip away!

When you play on the badminton court, wear and tear is a reality. Over a period of time, you will have to replace your shoes. But, before you spend several hundred dollars on new shoes, let’s learn how to improve grip and traction on your badminton shoes. It means saving money plus ensuring optimum play.

A. Sole Cleaning

The main reason why badminton shoes lose grip is because of the dirt that gets trapped in the grip. If you clean it, you will be able to improve the traction.

For cleaning the shoes, you can begin by using a damp cloth. Use warm soapy water to clean the shoes if the damp cloth is proving to be ineffective. Once you clean the dirt, you will witness that a lot of small stones are still trapped in the grip. You can use any pointed object such as a tweezer to remove them.

B. Smooth Surface

As you wear the shoes regularly on a smooth badminton court, the shoes get smoother than before. You will realize that the soles have become smoother and shinier than before. You can take care of the issue by cleaning the sole and then sanding the shiny parts. Once you are done, simply use water to clean the sole and let it dry. Voila! You will be ready to use it in no time.

What to do to keep the Shoe Grip in Better Condition?

Do not spit on the badminton court and rub it against the soles for traction. And, licking your hand and using it to moist the soles is no solution either. Remember to keep the shoes clean. It will ensure that the stickiness is maintained. And, there are several other things that you can do to ensure the grip on the shoes.

1. The most important thing for better traction is clean court. When there is less dirt, the shoes will remain clean for a long time.

2. Always prefer quality badminton shoes that are durable and comfortable. Choose 100% original shoes from world's best brands. For example, Victor X Lee Zii Jia A970ACE badminton shoes promise improved fit and stability.

3. Do not wear the badminton shoes anywhere else other than the court. Using them on harsh surfaces will reduce their tackiness.

4. Make sure that you follow the cleaning routine regularly for better results.

5. You can keep a moist towel with you during the game. It will moist the soles plus remove dirt, if any. A sticky mat is also an option.

Badminton shoes are an investment. And, without proper care, they will not last long. Do not forget to treat badminton shoes the same way you take care of badminton rackets. Protect them from dirt & dust and they will last really long.

Badminton shoes are an investment. For example, when you are spending money on Yonex Power Custion Infinity 2 badminton shoes, you want them to be durable. They will last long only if you treat badminton shoes the same way you take care of badminton rackets. Protect them from dirt & dust and they will last really long.

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