Badminton Racket String Guide: String it Right, Keep it Strong!

Our badminton string guide can help you choose the right badminton string, required string tension for improving your game and tips to increase the durability of the string so you can save money !!!

1. How to choose a Badminton Racket String?

Even though natural gut strings were quite popular in the past, most professional players choose multi-filament synthetic strings for their badminton rackets. Many badminton racket strings are available in the market. And the sheer number of options can confuse a beginner. However, you can make a purchase depending on your goal. Are you looking for:

A. Durability

If you break strings on a regular basis, you need badminton strings that are slightly thicker than the average. By choosing a string model with a higher gauge, you will be able to enjoy extra durability. Any player who requires an all-around performance can opt for thicker racket strings such as Yonex BG 65 string (0.70 mm gauge) or Yonex Nanogy 95 badminton string (0.69 mm gauge). The models are also great for beginners and intermediate players who may mishit the shuttlecock at the top and bottom of the racket frame.

If you want to experiment with an upcoming brand, you can choose the NS700 XT string (soft feel) and NS700 Pro string (hard feel) for a similar feel to BG65 and BG65 Titanium respectively. The NS strings are affordable and durable which make them your perfect companion.

B. Repulsion

If you want to enjoy a nice blend of durability and control, opt for racket strings that are slightly less thick than 0.70 mm. You may find that Yonex BG 80 Power string has 0.68 mm thickness but it can give you a slightly different feel and control. If you are looking for a significant difference, choose Yonex BG66 Ultimax racket string with 0.65 mm thickness. The ultra-thin gauge helps in delivering incredible repulsion combined with hard-hitting sounds. Alternatively, buy Yonex Nanogy 98 string (0.66 mm) for greater repulsion while playing defensive shots.

C. Control

Thinner racket strings allow you to play controlled shots easily. They make shots such as cut smashes and hairpins easier to play. However, ultra-thin string with thickness close to 0.60 mm means it will break more frequently. To solve the problem, an intermediate player/advanced player can opt for Yonex Aerobite racket string that includes a hybrid string combo of 0.61 mm (cross string) and 0.67 mm string (main string). It offers better hitting sound, higher repulsion power, improved control and higher durability because of the innovative combo.

Another option is the Yonex Nanogy 99 string that makes hairpin net shots and cuts easy. Ideal for control players, the string is slightly thick (0.69 mm). However, with Yonex's original braided fibre and special coating of nylon, it offers incredible control over the shuttlecock.

*Note: Do you need more help in choosing a badminton string for your racket? Here's a lucid illustration to help you make the decision, depending on your preferences.

Badminton Stringing Guide

2. What is the Ideal String Tension for you?

It is a common myth that the string tension of your badminton racket should be as high as possible. Check the recommended tension-level available on your racket. The available range will give you an idea of stringing the racket.

Remember that the ideal string tension depends on your skills and comfort. As a beginner, you do not have enough strength to play powerful shots in quick succession. During your initial playing days, lower string tension (16-24 lbs.) is useful as it leads to a bigger sweet spot and increased flexibility.

For an advanced player, a higher string tension (24-30 lbs.) is ideal because it delivers higher control and better hitting feel. If you are comfortable with advanced badminton shots and have developed a solid hitting technique, higher tension will benefit you in controlling your shots.

3. How to make Racket Strings last longer?

When you spend time researching the best racket string and the ideal string tension, you definitely want the racket strings to last long. Let's learn how to keep the integrity of badminton racket strings intact.

A. Extremely High String Tension

Stringing the racket at a very high tension can affect the durability of the strings. So, you must always check the recommended string tension of the racket before making any changes. Another essential tip to follow while stringing the racket is to choose a professional restringing service. Having someone with years of stringing experience at your beck and call will ensure that your racket remains in top shape.

B. Ultra-Thin String

Badminton players understand that ultra-thin string offers a great playing experience but its durability is questionable. If you choose an extra-thin string from a generic manufacturer, chances are that the string won't last for long. To avoid the problem, buy quality badminton racket strings from a well-known brand.

C. Wrong Hitting Technique

If you hit the racket with extreme power, there are chances of the badminton strings getting damaged in the process. If you play hard-hitting shots on a regular basis, the strings are bound to break. Make sure that you hit the shuttlecock with adequate power and avoid slicing the shuttlecock (hitting the feather or the upper part of the cork). It will prolong the life of the strings.

D. Damaged Grommets

Grommets are useful in increasing the life of the racket. If any of the grommets are missing, the frame may cut the string. And, if you string the racket very tightly, the frame may get damaged as well. So, it is essential that you check for broken grommets regularly. Keep a new grommet strip with you. It doesn't cost much and will save you from stringing your racket every now and then.

E. Unsuitable Storage Technique

One of the worst things that you can do to damage the strings is to leave it in the car. Always store your badminton racket at room temperature where it is unlikely to be affected by extreme weather conditions. In cold climates such as the USA and Europe, racket strings can contract and become brittle. So, it is better to use a thermal badminton racket bag for travelling and storage purposes.

Badminton Racket Strings: Research, Decide and Win!

Buying a badminton racket doesn't mean your game will improve. You need quality racket strings to ensure consistent shots every time. So, next time you are in the market for buying badminton strings, do not forget the tips mentioned in the guide. Spend time finding the ideal racket string and take precautionary measures to keep it strong.

Happy playing! Happy winning!

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