2024 Buyer's Guide: Best Yonex Badminton Racquets of 2024

If badminton is your game of choice, you know the popularity of Yonex rackets. The company has been a quintessential part of every player's badminton equipment. If you are looking to invest in a new badminton racquet with maximum power, check out the 2024 Buyer's Guide and find out the best Yonex badminton racket to suit your needs. Pick the right racket that's been approved by our editor and get ready to take your game to the next level.

Yonex Racket Buying Guide for the Current Season: Unparalleled Performance Guaranteed!

Let's take look at the top badminton rackets from Yonex so that you can choose one that suits your style.

Yonex Nanoflare 1000Z: Lightning Fast Every Shot

Nanoflare 1000Z Badminton Racket

The Nanoflare 1000Z racket is a part of the uber-successful Yonex Nanoflare 1000 series that was launched on June 16, 2023. In just a couple of weeks of its release, the racket became a global sensation thanks to its promise of uncharted speeds. Several prominent badminton players such as Carolina Marin and Lakshya Sen are using the racket because of its ability to generate extra swing speed and superior agility.

This head-light racket has a unique Aero-Compact Frame for better repulsion and more control over your shots. With High Graphite, Nanometric DR, M40X, and Ex-Hyper MG in the frame, it can deliver unrivaled power and incredible stability. With a slim shaft and extra-stiff flex, you can expect nothing but excellent performance from the NF-1000Z racket.

Weight Category: 4U and 3U

Stringing Advice: 4U (19 - 27 lbs.) and 3U (21 - 29 lbs.)

Color: Lightning Yellow


Yonex Arcsaber 11 Pro: Decisive Control in Every Shot

Arcsaber 11 Pro Racquet

Launched on 25th February 2022, the Yonex Arcsaber 11 Pro badminton racket is one of the most anticipated global launches of the year. With pre-orders for the racket coming in quickly and strongly, the Made in Japan model is poised to become the most successful racket from the Yonex Arcsaber series.

Available in different weight categories, the even-balanced Yonex ARC11-P racket has a thinner stiff shaft and looks a lot sleeker to ensure superior aerodynamics. You can string it up to 28 lbs. which is higher than its predecessor. You will enjoy a stronger feel and faster defense while playing your shots. If you enjoy a more controlled and decisive game, this is the racket to dominate your competitor on the badminton court.

Weight Category: 4U and 3U

Stringing Advice: 4U (19 - 27 lbs.) and 3U (20 - 28 lbs.)

Color: Grayish Pearl


Astrox 99 Pro Badminton Racket: More Power, More Aggression

Astrox 99 Pro Racquet

Yonex recently launched Astrox 99 Pro badminton racket in September of 2021. In collaboration with men's singles world no. 1 Kento Momota, Yonex has transformed its Astrox 99 racket to become more powerful. The AX99-P badminton racket has the heaviest swing weight of the Astrox series that makes smashes stronger and faster than ever. It has the innovative Power Assist Bumper to add more weight than conventional grommets, enhance the Rotational Generator System, and deliver quicker weight transfer to the shuttle.

Models: Astrox 99 Pro (White Tiger) and Astrox 99 Pro (Cherry Sunburst)

Weight Category: 4U and 3U

Stringing Advice: 4U (20 - 28 lbs.) and 3U (21 - 29 lbs.)

Made in Japan


Astrox 100 ZZ: Ideal for Offensive and Defensive Players

Astrox 100 ZZ Racquet

One of the top-performing rackets from the Astrox collection, Astrox 100 ZZ Badminton Racket is menacing in the hands of an advanced player. With a hyper-slim shaft, it cuts air resistance and makes it a delight for players who demand powerful shots without compromising on speed. Even though the racket is head-heavy, its Rotational Generator System distributes the weight throughout the racket and allows for better speed. The racket has full-frame NAMD in the entire body for greater flexibility and improved repulsion.

Models: Astrox 100 ZZ (Dark Navy) and Astrox 100 ZZ (Kurenai)

Weight Category: 4U and 3U

Stringing Advice: 4U (20-28 lbs.) and 3U (21-29 lbs.)


2024 Astrox 88D Pro: Best for Smashers

Astrox 88D Pro Racquet

The Yonex Astrox series is back with this third-generation model. The 2024 Yonex Astrox 88D Pro badminton racket comes with advancements like improved Rotational Generator System, 2G-Namd™ FLEX FORCE, Ultra PE Fiber, and Power Assist Bumper to add strength, speed, and agility to the racket.

Weight Category: 4U and 3U

Stringing Advice: 4U (20-28 lbs.) and 3U (21-29 lbs.)

Color: Black/Silver


2024 Astrox 88S Pro: Precise net control

Astrox 88S Pro Racquet

Over the years, players have loved the Astrox 88S series! With the introduction of the third-generation 2024 Astrox 88S Pro badminton racket, Yonex is making it even more attractive for players. The racket focuses on control and accurate shot placement while increasing your power. In addition to the features of the latest Astrox 88D, the 3AX88S-P racket has an expanded sweet spot for better control, making it the ultimate choice for front-court players.

Weight Category: 4U and 3U

Stringing Advice: 4U (20-28 lbs.) and 3U (21-29 lbs.)

Color: Silver/Black


Nanoflare 800 Pro: Perfect for Professionals who love Fast Rallies

Nanoflare 800 Pro Racket

Launched in November 2023, the second generation of Yonex Nanoflare 800, the Pro version is designed to deliver the fastest counter drive ever! Similar to the original racket in terms of the concept, the Nanoflare 800 Pro racket has undergone phenomenal improvements for a more aggressive and lightning-fast drive. It has the M40X next-generation carbon fiber for elasticity and faster rebound. It also has the Sonic Flare System for maximum stability and power. The technology enhances shuttlecock acceleration to the maximum. If you play faster games and rapid rallies, this is the perfect professional-level racket to create more smash opportunities and play an aggressive game!

Weight Category: 4U and 3U

Stringing Advice: 4U (20-28 lbs.) and 3U (21-29 lbs.)

Color: Deep Green

Special Mention!

All the above-mentioned rackets are preferred by professional players with years of experience and who understand how to work with a stiff flex racket. If you are an intermediate player and want a speed racket to complement your skills, choose the Yonex Nanoflare Nextage. It will deliver supersonic speed without being demanding on your arms.

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