2019 Voltric LD-Force Badminton Racket: Are you ready for the Force?

It is always exciting to use the same racket as your favorite badminton star. If you are a Lin Dan fan, you must be aware of the newest, “Crystal Red” Voltric LD-Force badminton racket launched in May 2019. The exclusive racket from the Lin Dan series is designed for hard-hitters like him who want to enjoy smashes and win points with power. The Chinese professional badminton player started using the racket during the Asian Badminton Championships (Wuhan, China) which started on April 23, 2019. Now th

Before you start comparing the prices of the 2019 VTLDF racket, you must understand its features and decide whether it is the right fit for you.

What are the Specifications of Voltric LD-Force Racket?

Here are the different features of the latest Yonex Voltric Lin Dan-Force Racket:

Frame: H.M Graphite, NANOMETRIC DR, Tungsten

Shaft: H.M. Graphite, NANOMETRIC

Balance: Heady-Heavy

Flex: Stiff

Color: Crystal Red

Weight/Grip: 3U (85-89g)/G4 and 4U(80-84g)/G5

Recommended String Tension: 3U: 20 - 28 lbs.  and 4U: 20 - 27 lbs.

Release: Late May, 2019

Made in Japan

    What technology is used in the latest Yonex Voltric LD-Force Racket?

    1. The Voltric LD-Force racket, like other rackets of the Voltric series, possesses the Tri-Voltage system for perfect balance and maneuverability that allows for faster, more powerful swings.

    2. Equipped with TRI-iBUMPER technology, the Tungsten grommets improve contact time. Along with the Tri-Voltage System, the technology allows the racket frame to flex in a more controlled manner for maximum power transfer to the shuttlecock.

    3. The Nanometric DR construction used in the frame delivers tenacity and resilience to the racket. It makes sure that you can play aggressively every time.

    4. It has the thinnest shaft from Yonex for reduced air resistance.

    5. The built-in T-Joint delivers added stability that reduces twisting at impact. 

    6. The isometric racket-head is built for an extended sweet spot, making it easier for you to hit strong shots.

      What is so special about the Latest Edition of the Racket?

      You will find that the new edition of the Voltric Lin Dan-Force racket has cosmetic changes. The color is changed from the previous version which had black, red, gold and white colors.  The new design is based on phoenix spreading its wings, and emerging from its own ashes, more powerful than ever. It is a manifestation of how Lin Dan rose from 2018, his worst year, to win the 2019 Malaysian Open. It was his first major title in two years.

      Who can use the Racket?

      Lin Dan’s style involves earning surprise points from competitors mid-rally and if you are someone who wants to confuse your opponents with quick smashes, this racket is for you.

      The Yonex Voltric Lin Dan Force is perfect for advanced offensive players who want to play smashes and other power shots with ease. If you are well-aware of the different skills of the game, you can try the racket. In no way is the racket built for beginners.

      2019 Yonex Voltric LD-Force vs. Yonex Voltric Z-Force II

      Often the Yonex Voltric LD Force racket is compared with Voltric ZF2. The reason is both belong to the same series and they are highly successful head-heavy racket models from Yonex. Both rackets have Tungsten-infused grommets and the slimmest shaft ever produced by the company. You can find them in 3U and 4U weight categories.

      In the past, Lee Chong Wei has used Voltric Z-Force 2 racket. The Z-Force II is an old racket that distinguishes itself with a unique small head, aerodynamic shape and thin shaft. Its sweet spot is slightly higher and may need some time to get comfortable. It is slightly more head-heavy than LD-Force racket and has less flex in the frame. Voltric Z-Force 2 racket is definitely a singles racket with a stiff flex and so, it will suit only a few players. On the other hand, the Lin Dan Force is a lot more forgiving and more user-friendly. It can be used for doubles as well.

      When it comes to the cost, the Voltric Z-Force II racket is priced at $184.99. The Lin-Dan Force racket is available at $189.99.

      Should I buy 2019 Yonex Voltric LD-Force Badminton Racket? Read the Review!

      If you have played with the Yonex Voltric 80 racket in the past, you will take an instant liking to the 2019 Yonex Voltric LD-Force racket. The 2019-edition has a stiff flex with a moderately head-heavy frame. The racket doesn’t lag and ensures quick contact with shuttlecock every time. It has an immense power and control to hit shots consecutively.

      When it comes to defense, it doesn’t slow you down like other head-heavy rackets. It is a user-friendly racket and can definitely be powerful in the right hands.

      If you are beginner, you should avoid it. If you have an older version of Voltric LD-Force, you can skip it. However, if you are in need of a new head-heavy racket that doesn't compromises on speed and control, this badminton racket is made for you.

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