Discover Why Mavis 350 Shuttles Are the Top-Rated Choice of 2024

Do you love to play badminton? Are you a professional badminton player or do you just love to wield the racket on weekends? As someone who plays the game regularly, you know that a shuttlecock may be a small accessory but it holds great importance in improving your skills and making your game better than before. Using the right badminton shuttlecock creates a bigger difference in your shots and makes you more menacing than ever.

If you are confused about choosing a shuttlecock, fret not. Here's one of the best shuttlecocks from the world leader in badminton equipment: Yonex Mavis 350 badminton shuttlecocks. It is the official nylon shuttlecock used by several high schools and tournaments in America and Europe. It constantly ranks as one of the top badminton shuttles of 2024.

Mavis 350 Shuttles

How does Mavis 350 stand out from such an elite list? Let's look at the different features of the popular nylon shuttlecock and review it to arrive at a decision.


Unlike feather shuttlecocks that are ideal for indoor play, the Mavis 350 works well for indoors as well as outdoors. If you use a feather shuttlecock, it will be more affected by the wind direction and dust. Mavis 350 shuttlecocks are highly stable even when you play in an outdoor setting.

Flight Pattern

The Yonex Mavis nylon shuttlecocks offer the closest experience to playing with goose/duck feather birdies. If you prefer to use feather shuttlecocks because of their feel and flight, you won’t be disappointed with Mavis 350. The flight pattern is precise, accurate and consistent throughout the entire game.

Shuttle Recovery Time

While playing a high-paced game such as badminton, you need the shuttlecock to have a quick recovery time with a stable and more consistent trajectory. When you hit smashes, the Mavis 350 shuttlecocks recover within just 0.02 seconds. It is 0.008 seconds faster than other ordinary shuttlecocks.

Speed Options

Whenever you decide to buy a badminton shuttlecock, you need to choose one with the right speed. With Yonex Mavis 350, you can choose a variant that suits the temperature of the region.

Slow Speed (Green Color) – It is ideal for temperatures between 22°C-33°C.

Middle Speed (Blue Color) – Choose if the temperature remains between 12°C- 23°C.

Fast Speed (Red Color) – Useful for low temperatures from 0°C to 13°C


Specially designed for practice sessions, the Yonex Mavis 350 badminton shuttlecocks are highly durable. You can use the shuttlecocks to play two games or more. Use the shuttles for practice matches as well as recreation games and tournaments without worrying about breaking them.


A tube of 6 shuttles will cost you $10.99 online. The cost may be slightly higher than the price of generic shuttlecocks but it is definitely worth every dollar you spend. If you choose Mavis 350, you will be able to enjoy the feel and speed of feather birdies at a lower cost. Make sure you buy from a reliable online badminton store to avoid getting stuck with fake badminton accessories.

Common Questions about Mavis 350 Shuttlecocks

1. Is Mavis 350 shuttlecock better than Mavis 300?

The Mavis 350 shuttles are designed better and come very close to feather birdies, in terms of experience. They may be a tad more expensive than the Mavis 300 shuttlecocks but they are more durable. Mavis 350 has a better feel and it delivers more consistent results. If you have to choose between Mavis 300 and Mavis 350, opt for Mavis 350 shuttlecocks.

2. Mavis 350 vs. Mavis 2000 Nylon Shuttlecocks

Mavis 350 shuttlecocks are more commonly used in high schools and practice matches. The reason is its easy availability and affordable price. It is quite popular for training. However, the Mavis 2000 nylon shuttles are not bad either. They have an innovative WING RIB design that utilizes air flow throughout the shuttlecock so that it can come back to its original shape quickly. If you compare both options, the Mavis 2000 shuttlecocks are slightly more durable and the shuttle recovery time is shorter too.

If you are playing on a regular basis, you can opt for Mavis 2000 otherwise Mavis 350 is a decent option. Remember it all comes down to your preference and playing style. So, it is better to try out different options before settling for the right shuttlecock.

Now that you have read a detailed review of the Yonex Mavis 350 badminton shuttlecocks, you can make an informed buying decision and choose a shuttle that enhances your skills and elevates your game.

Happy Playing!

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