Make Your Feather Shuttlecocks Last Longer: Easy Tips to Improve Durability

Be it a league match or a club tournament, shuttlecocks are staple for every badminton game. Badminton players often spend a large amount of money on quality duck-feather and goose-feather shuttlecocks. But, the most common issue with natural shuttlecocks is that they become dry & brittle.

If the feathers start breaking, it will affect the flight of the shuttlecock. It will lack the required speed and not help you in hitting powerful, accurate shots. It means you will have to spend money on new ones. So, it becomes essential that you take care of feather shuttlecocks.

Shuttlecock Humidifier

Shuttlecock Humidifier

Can steaming Shuttlecocks help you?

If the shuttlecock is losing feathers every time you hit it, you will be left with nothing but the cork at the end of the match. To avoid such a situation, you need to know about ways of increasing the life of feather birdies.

One easy way of achieving the goal is by steaming the shuttlecocks. If you live in an area that witnesses terrible winter, it can lead to quick drying of shuttlecocks. But, by steaming them, you will be able to introduce moisture and take care of the drying issue.

How to steam Shuttlecocks?

1. Shuttlecocks steamers are designed specifically to take care of drying shuttlecocks. There are easily available in badminton equipment stores online. You can pick one and use it to increase the durability of shuttlecocks.

2. Use a kettle or a flask of boiled water to steam the shuttlecocks. Place the shuttlecock tube on the kettle/flask and let the steam enter the tube for 30 seconds. Keep the lids closed for at least 12 hours to improve the quality of shuttlecocks.

3. A few players prefer to keep the shuttlecock tube in the bathroom so that the steam from a hot shower can do the work of steaming the feather birdies.

Shuttlecock Humidifier: The Better Option?

Steaming is not the only way to increase the life of the shuttlecocks. The main reason behind using steam is to hydrate the birdies. And, you can do it with the help of a shuttlecock humidifier. It is simple to use and can fit shuttlecocks tubes easily. Professional badminton players prefer shuttlecock humidifier because of the following reasons:

1. It is an easy way to steam the shuttlecocks without any possibility of thermal burns.

2. It is portable enough to hydrate the feather birdies while travelling.

3. Small in size, the humidifier will not take much space in your badminton kit bag.

When your prime focus is to increase the longevity of badminton shuttlecocks, it doesn’t matter what option you choose to achieve the goal. And, when a portable humidifier is easily available online, why choose other tedious options. Invest in a quality shuttlecock humidifier; save money on buying new shuttlecocks before every game.

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