Falcon is known to be a ruthless bird of prey. With dominant hunting skills and a precise sense of direction, falcons can swoop down on the prey and catch it at once. With the Thruster K Falcon badminton racket, Victor Sport has tried to embody the unique characteristics of the bird: strength, endurance and vision. Launched in Asian markets in 2017 and European markets in 2018, the head-heavy racket quickly became a popular choice for badminton professionals across the globe. World no. 2 Women’s Singles player, Taiwanese Tai Tzu Ying, considered the Victor TK-F racket as a personal favorite. Victor has come forward with a special-edition Tai Tzu Ying Victor Thruster F Claw badminton racket.

The Victor Thruster F racket may be a widely popular and successful model, but is it worth your time and money? Read the honest review and make a well-informed decision.

Victor Thruster Falcon Racket

Thruster F Claw Tai Tzu Ying Edition Racket

Victor Thruster Falcon Badminton Racket Victor Thruster F Claw Tai Tzu Ying Edition White Racket

Beginning with the obvious, let’s focus on the racket specifications as mentioned on the official Victor Sport website.

Balance: Head-Heavy

Shaft: High Resilience Modulus Graphite + PYROFIL + 6.4 SHAFT

Frame: High Resilience Modulus Graphite + PYROFIL + HARD CORED TECHNOLOGY

Weight / Grip Size: 3U / G5, 4U / G5, G6 and 5U / G5, G6

String Tension: Up to 32lbs (3U), 30lbs (4U), 28lbs (5U)

Color: Matte black finish with stylish decals in blue, gold and red.

Frame: Stiff


Innovative Technology makes Thruster K Falcon a Better Racket

A. Tri-Formation: Innovative Frame Design

Victor has created an innovative frame design that includes the benefits of three types of frames namely: Aerodynamic, Power Box and Sword. Features of Aerodynamic and Power Box frames enable smooth swing and improve anti-torsion performance. The Sword part of the frame gives it an accelerated swing. This ensures that the head-heavy racket doesn’t lag in terms of response and allows you to play faster shots as well.

B. Pyrofil: High Performance Material

Made in Japan, Pyrofil is an extremely efficient carbon material. It promises excellent shock absorption and better racket handling. It allows the racket to be powerful and steady. It means you get to enjoy firm hitting every single time.  

C. Anti-Torsion System: Resilience is the Key

Victor Sport has worked hard on the shaft with the Anti-Torsion System. The 6.4mm shaft, made with an innovative layer design and resilient materials, allows the racket to retain its shape. The technology makes the racket highly durable.

D. Hard Cored Technology: Maximum Shock Absorption Guaranteed

The technology is inspired by military helicopters. It includes a multi-layer structure made from high-quality carbon materials. Hard Cored Technology, in the racket frame, promises superior shock absorption and better racket handling.


Victor TK-F Badminton Racket: Specialties

1. With weight distribution towards the T-piece, the racket has a unique feel, unlike other power rackets.

2. The racket face is 4% larger than conventional rackets to create a bigger sweet spot.

3. When compared to others, Thruster K Falcon badminton racket offers a 20% increase in attack performance.

4. The racket is made more durable by enhancing the structural strength by 6.7%.
For better precision, anti-torsion performance is increased by 15.7%.


Let’s Review the Performance on the Court

1. Clear Shots: Aiming for the opponent’s back court? The defensive clear shot was easy with the Thruster Falcon badminton racket.

2. Flat Drives: While playing this counter-attack shot towards the competitor’s body, you will realize that the racket packs enough punch. It is easy to maneuver.

3. Drop Shots: Playing drop shots with the racket is easy once you get used to the handling.

4. Smashes: To be honest, this racket creates a decent amount of power while hitting smashes. They may not be lethal but they are not bad either.

5. Net Shots: Decent performance. You will be able to enjoy extra speed and precision at the same time.

6. Slice Shots: The racket feels very light in the hands and doesn’t tire your arms. The slice shots are easy to handle.


In a nutshell…

The Victor Thruster Falcon badminton racket is a good racket with incredible power and speed. Unlike other head-heavy rackets that weigh you down, this racket is made for long rallies. While playing with this racket, you will not feel any signs of fatigue. Just like the falcon bird, this racket is fast and powerful at the same time.

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